Thursday, March 1, 2007

Temple on the Mount

So Arm took me up to the big temple on the mountain here in Chiangmai. This is the temple where they keep an important Buddhist artifact encased in a golden pyramid. We went up in the evening so we could see the lights of ChiangMai, and it was during the sunset ceremony when all the monks were praying. I couldn't get a picture of them though as no cameras were allowed in there.

There were approximately 100,000,000 stairs up to the temple.

The Nagas guarding the stairs were really cool and gold-plated.

There were other little beasties around too. Mostly fish-dog-lizard guardian things.

Here's where they keep the clavicle (neck bone) of Buddha, under this big gold pyramid. Second picture has me in it for scale.

Next to it is one of those hand-carved wood-reliefs that tells the story of bringing the clavicle of Buddha to the mountain temple. There are adventures and such (no warrior monkeys, but there are elephants).

At the top of the temple grounds we could see Chiang Mai lit up. It was a pretty cool sight (we were really high up there).

All in all I would say that the temple was SCANTHAIBULOUS! (*groan*)