Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Holy Snack Packs, Batman!

Man oh man, I write one or two posts on the blog about my nutritional problems here in Thailand and you guys go all out! First I got Mary's gift with the hotpot, powerbars, candies, and magazines, and today I had to go down to the post office and pick up a box from my mom because it was too big to fit on the postman's motorcart!

Check out the volume of these vittles:

- Three 6-lb bags of Whey protein powder! (2 vanilla, 1 chocolate) That's 18 pounds of protein powder. Its hard to imagine how much protein powder that really is without experiencing it, and I'm sure no one has ever owned that much protein powder at one time. I could swim Scrooge McDuck-style in how much protein powder I have now (but that would attract ants). One of the bags is not shown as it had suffered a tear and had to be dispensed into 7 large ziploc freezer bags. I don't even think I'll be able to eat this much protein powder before I have to go home! Excellent!
- One 3-lb 8oz bag of dried fruit and nut medley.
- One box of 12 kirkland trail mix snack packs
- One full box (with convience store dispensor slot) of 100 slim jims. Holy christ, I have 100 slim jims.
- Thirty rice crispie treat bars (individually wrapped). I've already eaten 3 and I've had the box for about 20 minutes.
- Four boxes of hot tomales (the most perfect candy ever devised).
- One box of 30 count variety pack of full size snickers bars, 3-musketeers bars, starburts, M&Ms, Peanut M&Ms, and Skittles.
- 40 individual snack pack bags of chips, including fritos, doritoes (nacho cheese), doritoes (cool ranch), cheetos, ruffles, and lays potato chips.

I now possess more snack packs, candy, and slim jims than any two convenience shops here in Chiang Mai. I guess I'm going to have to switch gears from cutting to bulking, as there is no way I'll be able to keep my hands off those individually-wrapped rice crispie treats and slim jims. Also I can actually have 3 protein shakes a day again!

Thanks Mom!

I can't imagine what this 19.4 kg (42.7 lb) box cost to ship to Thailand. I now have more than enough candy, protein powder, and snacks to not only survive, but thrive (and by "thrive" I mean, "get nice and plump") during my stay in Chiang Mai.

Save the cutting phase for May! WA-HOOOOOOOO!