Friday, March 30, 2007

Internet Link Explosion 5000!

Since I'm not what you'd call a "partier," and being of the Irish/cold weather human subtype I generally dislike 100+ degree weather, I spent a lot of my time here indoors. That means a lot of internet time, and I can share my findings with all of you.

First, on google maps I was looking at distances and routes to drive around the country from our new home in Eugene, and then I decided to see what it would say if I wanted to go to Dublin, Ireland.

Did you see it? Take a closer look:

That's right, Step 33: Swim across the Atlantic Ocean. Interestingly, it tells you to swim to France and then take the Chunnel from France to the U.K. Obviously Google has been taken over by the U.N. and their weather control machine conspiracy syndicate to force you to pay Euro-tolls. Listen here, Illuminati leader Juaques Chirac! I'll swim straight across the Atlantic Ocean to Dublin from JFK airport, and to hell with your Chunnel, thank you very much!

Sheesh. Ridiculous.

In other news, I found a severely kick-ass cartoon on Youtube called Korgoth of Barbaria. Its by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and its basic premise is if you took Brock Sampson from Venture Brothers, put him in a loin cloth, and dropped him in the world of Thundarr the barbarian. It rules. Unfortunately embedding is disabled but here's the link to the first part of the pilot episode.

Extremely violent and ridiculously awesome. I hope they pick it up as a series.

Finally, for all of you who watched the incredibly confusing Russian horror movie Nightwatch, the preview for the sequel Daywatch is out, and looks just as confusing yet fascinating. As I try to recall the plotline to Nightwatch, I feel like I was drunk or on drugs while I watched it, but I know I wasn't. That's how strange it was.

Did he say the 'chalk of destiny?' I mean, what in the hell? I'll still see it though. I know Muncher's probably all about it.