Thursday, March 15, 2007

Early Birthday Present!

Mary sent me my birthday present early to make sure it got here in time (my birthday=march 25th, Cullen's birthday = March 16th +/- 1 day, Eric's Birthday=March 5th +/- 3 days) , as well as some delicious vittles and necessary items for the remainder of my stay. Lets take a look:

- 10 more Promax powerbars, various flavors
- Salt and Pepper (impossible to find in the Orient)
- 1 box velveeta shells and cheese
- 2 large pounches Tuna to mix with shells and cheese
- 1 bag sour patch kids
- Collection of band aids and aspirin (hard to find here, been using super glue)
- 1 large container instant coffee (and I just ran out this morning!)
- boatloads of hot chocolate with mini marshmallow packets
- 1 Dragon magazine

- a stack of books she picked out for me to read, including:
1) Starman Jones, R.A.Heinlein
2) To Sail Beyond the Sunset, R.A. Heinlein
3) The Menace From Earth, R.A. Heinlein
4) Dreams of Terror and Death, H.P. Lovecraft

Side note: Here's a list of requirements for picking out good sci-fi:
- Ancient forgotten alien culture undertone
- Derelict Spacecraft
- Cities on moon/mars
- Plenty of libertarian morality hand-waving

Contrary to popular opinion, good sci-fi does not need to include large orgies of multiple marriage family units, but someone forgot to tell Robert.

Also included was a birthday present, including:
1) Man with the Screaming Brain ("Horror" - Bruce Campbell)
2) Martin (Horror - George Romero)
3) Firefly TV collection! (sci-fi - Joss Whedon)

as well as the Army of Darkness role playing game book!

Lets take a closer look at that:

Oh yeah. Now all I need to do is teach some Thai grad students how to play. I knew I should've brought more dice with me to Thailand!