Saturday, October 3, 2009

Horror movie sequel challenge

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w00t! Its October again!

October is the time of horror movies, and as many of you will remember from previous issues of scantabulous, the top ten Halloween movies of all time were established back in 2007, and I don't think anything has come out in the meantime to that could knock movies off that well-researched list, except maybe one...

With the recent release of Children of the Corn remake on the syphillis channel (filmed in the illustrious Lost Nation, IA, home town of your beloved blogmaster) we should talk about some horror movie genres that have multiple sequels.

So with that, I present the "What crappy bad guy is this?" horror movie challenge!

Rules of the challenge:

1) All screenshots of bad guys are from movies with multiple sequels.
2) You get points for naming the movie series, and extra bonus super points for naming the bad guy specifically (if they have a name).


1) So, lets begin fairly easy:

Yeah, you know the movie series, even if you never actually watched any of them. Where is this little guy from?


2) Let's get a little more difficult...

You may be confused at this one, but I guarantee you've seen this movie. This movie started an iconic meme that is now applied to all of my favorite horror monsters' feeding habits.


3) Okay, next we have kind of a trick one:

What the hell? Yep, that's Billy Zane. This was actually a pretty good movie. A major plot point was a dude running around with a vial of Jesus's blood that could create force fields. I ain't kidding.


4) This one's a difficult one, but I'm guessing Cullen or Brando will get it:

These little creepos like to put your baby sister in a glass coffin in the middle of the woods... or something, I don't fully remember what the deal was with these guys.


5) Here's one of my favs:

I watched all 5 of these crappy movies. Clue: That gemstone he has is the focus of his ridiculous angst and stupid powers that he would use to kill people in ironic ways.


6) Here's a semi-difficult one, where's this guy from:

Yeah, he's not the most famousest of bad guys, but he's certainly creepifyin'. What's he from my fellow horror movie buffs?


7) Finally, how could I not include this guy:

Where's this little wicket from? Bonus points: Name all of this little charmer's terrible movies by title.