Friday, November 14, 2008

Duck and Cover

Fallout 3 is going well, and I think I'm rolling on into the endgame (and my level XP is maxed) so I thought I'd waste everybody's time with an album of Dr. Atomic's Post-Apocalyptic Development. I took screenshots occasionally throughout the saga and so, without further ado, here they are.

Here's one of the good Doctor fresh out of the Vault.

After a time, he joined up as a hired gun on some trading carvans. When those same caravans were ripped to shreds by Deathclaws, he wandered the wasteland...alone.
After facing raiders, ghouls, mutants, and giant Mole rats, Dr. Atomic came across an old military installation, where he was able to procure some combat armor, which he wore (and constantly kept repaired) for most of the game.

Soon he earned enough money to have his own house in the town of Megaton, and outfitted it with a full Science lab package, where he could do his research in peace. Note: The only real research you can do in the world of Fallout is build bigger and better weapons, which is fine with me. Though aspirin or toilet paper won't be reinvented anytime soon for these poor folks.

Much later I encountered the Brotherhood, and they taught me the finer points of Power Armor. On a mission for them to retrieve a G.E.C.K.* I was captured by some bad guys that like to do nasty experiments on folks, but quickly took care of them after freeing a fellow Vault Dweller (from a different Vault) that was held captive.

He was there a little longer than me, you understand.

Now we are ready to go face the big bad, if I can just figure out where he is. Do I have a chance to save the world of Fallout? Maybe I better check my Pipboy...

*Garden of Eden Creation Kit.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hallowscream Scare-a-bration

Thought I'd take a breath from being totally captivated by Fallout 3 and post some pics of our Halloween party this last weekend. Yes, we had a Halloween party, because Sam Hain requires sacrifice...of gummy bears and beer.

Auto-image upload oscillator.....activate!

Halloween '08! W00t!