Thursday, March 8, 2007

Meet the Berglund Lab: Breakfast and Splicing

Today I discovered that Apple gave me a program called Comic Life with the MacBook (I accidentally opened on it when I was trying to open a different program). I made this panel with the program using a picture I took. On Wednesday, a bunch of us from the lab got together and discussed a paper over breakfast. It was interesting and it sure beat slamming down my blueberry oatmeal by myself. I guess you could made an entire comic book with this program, so it's kind of neat. Also, I made the panel in about 3 minutes, with a drag and drop interface, so it was pretty easy to use.
I'm told that "Breakfast and Splicing" is usually "Beer and Splicing", so hopefully next time we won't meet at 8 AM, and we can kick back a little.