Monday, October 1, 2007

Miniature Manifesto

Readers of the Brandodojo will likely remember this post on there from a few months back. In which the dojomaster pointed out that there was pro-terrorist propaganda at the Portland airport.

Well, I just flew back into the Portland airport and as I was walking back through the tiniest, darkest wing of the airport (Alaska/Horizon air terminal -- for the tiny planes), I saw the piece of art in question.

The thing is tiny. I mean like notebook-page sized. Smaller than notebook-paged actually because it has a border. And its on an entire wall of notebook-sized art, including a charcoal drawing of two naked ladies in a physically impossible embrace on the back of a horse, which was much more eye-catching and interesting (not shown). Its kinda surprising this little anti-freedom guy even made any headlines!

I don't count propaganda as particularly effective unless its either A) in digital format or B) larger than the doodles of me riding a dinosaur while shooting a laser pistol I drew in Mr. Ahrensen's algebra class. Keep tryin', terrorist trust-fund emo artists!