Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy 29th Birthday to Me, Again.

Last week I celebrated my birthday with a short holiday to Montana to visit li'l sis. Here I am waiting for her to pick up some tickets at the box office.

This is what she came out with. And yes, only two tickets because Cory has an image to maintain. Plus, there was a Survivor Man marathon on TV. You may notice that the tickets were "Possible Obstructed View", but the seats were great.

The town was a buzz with activity last weekend. In addition to the Elton John concert (his first visit to MT in 39 years), it was also Homecoming. We ventured out in the cool Saturday morning to the parade. We walked pretty far to meet some of Beth's friends and I was really surprised to see all the people. For essentially as far as the eye could see, the street was lined with people about three deep watching the parade. We had some competition from a few kids for the candy.

Beth also made me a carrot cake with gummy bears on top.

I also received a number of terrific gifts. The Christmas Story two DVD collection and Christmas Story board game...

...a seascape pyramid containing sand, starfish, shells, and driftwood...

...and a Kitchen Aid IceCream Bowl attachment.

Oh, and a talking Hannibal Lector action figure.