Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Its on!

The Covenant shall pay for their hubris!

I'm back online. Cyberninja5000 if you're in the know and on the case.

Three things of note:

1) Walmart is a frighteningly creepy and sad place at 6am on a Tuesday morning.

2) If you sign up for the free ("silver") xbox live membership they automatically give you the "gold" membership (where you can co-op the game with your buds) for a month.

3) Once you sign on to xbox live, it will download any "patches" or "extra content" for the games you are playing, which inadvertently erases all your saved games! That's a fun surprise.

In any case, look like for the next month the Haloz is a-goona be cookin' here at the Technodojo.