Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ITS A SECRET TO EVERYBODY - NES Illustrator Challenge

Its time for another NES Adobe Illustrator Challenge! Where I draw a screenshot from one of my favorite NES games and people attempt to guess what it is. Also remember that I accept NES Illustrator submissions as well.

As I'm running out of games from posting over the year(s), I am forced to delve into the more obscure games I played. This little number is an Adventure of Link-style "rpg" that involved cleaning magic water and saving a giant tree people lived in from a disease. It was very hippie. You bought stuff and it was super hard. I remember the jump controls sucking balls. But it was one of the first games in which you could buy stuff and the stuff actually appeared on your guy. Unfortunately you started with an extremely crappy dagger, which is shown below. Also in descriptions of the game in Nintendo Power it would talk about how the game was "very atmospheric," which evidentially is game reviewer code for "drawn completely in grays and browns."

The back cover of the game's packaging provided us with this sweet introduction to the plot:

"You are the elves’ last hope. Outside the town walls lurk monsters with the power to destroy anything in their path. Inside the walls, water and time are running out. Soon the ancient elf town of Eolis will vanish into eternity. Only you can save Eolis. No one else dares to venture beyond the walls, onto the World Tree, where towns and fortresses precariously await the whims of fate at the hands of the Evil.

You are searching for the water source and for an antidote to the poison that makes the water undrinkable. To find them you’ll need gold and food and magic, speed with a sword …and luck!

Every town holds a new mystery, every fortress a new danger. Merchants will sell you magic and valuable tools, but it’s up to you to figure out what you need. Long, secret mantras help you slip through the mists, but will you survive the next challenge?

This is xxxxxxxx the legend, the adventure – the incredible journey on the World Tree."

This is a super-hard one. So, for 100,000 Scantabupoints, what elf-lovin' game was this?



As a bonus treat to today's post, I will give one-sentence reviews for movies I've recently watched:

Resident Evil: Extinction -
Telekinetic-powered high-kicking sexy super-soldier Milla Jovovich doing super backflips over all three zombies in the movie. 1/10

The Bourne Identity -
Amnesiatic Good Will Hunting goes ballistic in this over-rated 24-esque CIA obvious-plot thriller! 4/10

Wild Hogs -
Tim Allen goofy comedies are hilarious to people over 50 and under 10, not hilarious to anyone else. 2/10

Flags of our Fathers -
Ha ha, you thought this would be like Band of Brothers, but instead its a documentary about how poorly the US gov't treated Ira Hayes. 3/10

Letters from Iwo Jima -
Not depressed enough yet after Flags of Our Fathers? 3/10

Pan's Labrynth -
Jim Hensen meets Tim Burton in Madrid, puppets die. 5/10

Blood Diamond -
You haven't seen such a terrible fake accent since Nick Cage in ConAir. 4/10

Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End -
Enough stuff explodes to create a decent-enough trailer to trick Cory into wasting three hours of his life watching this pile of crap. 2/10