Tuesday, February 20, 2007

An Unpopular Opinion

Welp, this president's day my wife helped me celebrate properly, by watching the single greatest political commentary show in existence, the McLaughlin Group!

You may be aware that webcams are my link to America's popular culture, as my lovely wife and the good folks at chez Woods' are willing to set their webcam's up so I can watch things like the Superbowl with them. Well, Mary records our favorite PBS show and on Monday nights (her monday morning) we watch it!

I've come to appreciate one of the members of the McLaughlin group more and more over the years, and its a guy that, from what I've heard, I should dislike. However he's pretty funny for an old politician and his opinions on the show are spot-on usually. If there is some evil belief system to him they haven't broached the subject on the show.

Pat Buchanan! I know! How could I like him?! Well, I do. I wonder if he was demonized into the super-conservative jerk icon back when he was running for president, and that general opinion of him never wore off. If you think you hate Buchanan, you should go watch the McLaughlin group and after that tell me if you still hate him. You won't anymore. And you'll get mad at Elenor Cliff for interupting him all the time.