Monday, February 5, 2007

Superbowl Monday

Its a 6 am wake-up on this smoggy Monday morning in downtown Bangkok...

And what am I doing? Why, I'm going to a Superbowl party at Muncher's!

I couldn't stream the game itself on the 'net itself at first, but I did "watch" the first quarter using Gamecenter updates.

Through the power of the internets, I connected to Jenny's macbook over at Muncher's house using Skype and became a member of the party. They set me on a wooden stool in front of Muncher's 57-inch TV and I got to watch the Superbowl in HD and join in with my fellow Bears fans' cries of anguish at the fumble-a-thon that was Superbowl XLI.

Here's a pic of Tim checking in on me during a time-out.

It was an excellent start to my day. By the way, if anyone has Skype I'm almost always on it now (at work too) so look me up (use my real name in the search). Unfortunately, I lost my bet with Brando on the game, resulting in not only my ultimate shame, but also he gets to have his Dwarven Full plate Armor enchanted for free. Argh!

Dwarven Warplate of Fortification

Adamantium Full plate armor: Damage Reduction 3/-
Moderate enchantment: +3 armor bonus (AC +11)
Moderate enchantment: Medium fortification (75% chance resist critical hit)
Minor enchantment: Slick (+5 to Escape Artist checks)
Total MSRP: 98,750 gold pieces