Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Meet the Berglund Lab -- Part 1

In the absence of world travels, I will blog on the everyday - that is, the people I see everyday. I work in the Institute of Molecular Biology: molbio for short. Kristy works in the same lab as me. Today, Kristy wore a Serenity T-shirt. I had noticed that Kristy wore a Firefly T-shirt last week and we had chatted briefly about her interest in all things, um, Joss. I told her that I had seen Serenity and some of the Firefly episodes, but that I knew several people with seemingly superhuman knowledge of the ins and outs of life aboard the ship.
Kristy belongs to the local Firefly group. She also judged the costume contest for the opening midnight showing of Serenity when it hit the big screen. Last summer the Eugene Firefly group challenged the Portland Firefly group to a game of kickball. The Eugene Firefly group put in many longs hours of practice. The Portland group showed up with a lot of beer. The game was close.