Friday, February 23, 2007

Package from America

Not 24 hours after I make a post whining about my lack of protein options here than I get a package filled with delicious vittles!

From left to right here's what we got:

- Olive canvas utility belt for secreting away passports, anti-sneeze powder, etc.
- One Hot pot for boiling water (hot cocoa, noodles and boiled eggs here I come!)
- One 1600 Watt 220/110V converter to run the hot pot (because my lady has skills in science)
- One canister each of high protein soybean butter and unblanched Peanut butter
- One Dragon magazine (the super-spectacular edition!)
- One large ziplock bag containing approximately 500 pieces of Hot Tomales candy
- Twenty-five Promax high protein bars (various flavors including cookies and cream and honey peanut)
- One large bag each turkey jerky and beef jerky (original style)
- Five pakcages of Hot Cocoa mix
- Two heavy-duty plastic bowls
- One bottle Febreeze (can stretch out my need to do laundry in the sink now)
- Three greeting cards to be opened at regular intervals

Oh yeah. Now I'm livin' the life. When I opened the package at work I gave Dom and Arm (two labmates) two Hot Tomales each to try. They were astounded at the strange texture and deliciousness of the candy (here in asia all their candy is wierd flavors of gelatin). I am now going to go eat a protein bar and savor the flavor of chemically-crafted high-protein deliciousness. Thank you Mary!

UPDATE: Holy super awesome! I opened up the hot pot and inside were a bag of cinnamon bears and five specially-baked valentine cookies! Rock!