Monday, April 30, 2007

Scantabulastic Bombastic

Whoa! I'm back on USA time. Rock. Here's some pics from this last week.

Here's me opening all my accumulated birthday cards. I am very excited.

Opening belated birthday presents. Serenity!

I decided to whip up some Pad Thai and spring rolls for me and my lady, since I took those cooking classes and all.

And have a cold Fat Tire Ale as I enjoyed it.

Mary also enjoyed the sweet Thai cookin'.

We went to the beach for an afternoon so I could skip rocks off the ocean.

Thailand was fun and all, but I am really happy to be back in the states with my!

Oh crap. I just realized now I have to get another job. Nuts!

PS: I disabled the word verification for comments. I'll reinstate it if spam takes over, but it would be really great if we didn't have to deal with that stupid thing.