Friday, May 4, 2007

ScanCon: GenCon edition

UPDATE#2: Delp and I ransacked the GenCon server simultaneously and snatched True Dungeon tickets for Thursday 8/16/07 at 8:49pm-10:49pm (TDA00262), which is perfect. This means we'll play through TD on Thursday night, spend the rest of the night drinking in the True Dungeon's "Ye Olde Tavern," and have the rest of the 'Con to get swag from the publisher's floor. Delp says he wants the $35 for the ticket when we meet at GenCon along with our hotel money for him in small, untraceable bills. Preferably in an attractive leather European carry-all or canvas bag with $$$ printed on the side.

UPDATE: I've signed up for the events I want to go to I expect to fill up first. It took me 1.25 hours to finish the transaction (refreshing the page very six seconds), as the servers are majorly busy. I may need help at 4pm PDT to get True Dungeon tickets if anyone wants to sit on their computer and try to log in continuously with me I'd appreciate it. In any case, here's the events I signed up for:

Thursday 8/16/07 2pm-4pm - Tannhauser board game (released at GenCon!) - BGM00259 - got 2 tickets so first who calls dibs can go with me. --> Delp called it

Thursday 8/16/07 4pm-8pm - Hollow Earth "Lost World" - RPG00135 - bought last ticket

Friday 8/17/07 1pm-5pm - Godlike "Trial by Fire" - RPG00996 - bought last ticket

Saturday 8/18/07 3pm-6pm - 40K RPG "Illumination" (this is a sneak preview game) - RPG00527 - got 2 tickets so Brando you can go too.

Paranoia was filled up by 12:10 pm, so I couldn't buy tickets for a game of Paranoia. Sorry Devin. :(

Also, Adventurepan Paul is still in Japan and won't be attending GenCon this year so we won't need to put up with this again:

No, that's not actually Paul. I kid, I kid.


As probably 90% of my readership will be attending GenCon with me this August for the first time, I felt I could post some important GenCon-specific info on here pertaining to events going on. So break out your fanny-packs and mountain dew, its time for a GenCon update!

First of all, events. You need to register for events if you want to make sure you have the optimal time at GenCon. The registration for events goes online at 12:00pm (noon) PDT on Monday, May 7th. The catalog is now up and in html form so you can peruse and search the available games and times here.

To actually register for the events you'll have to login on the GenCon site with your username and password you chose when you pre-registered for GenCon. If you haven't actually preregistered for GenCon and were waiting for some unknown reason DO IT NOW! You don't want to have to go through all the confirmation BS when there is only one game of PARANOIA you want to sign up for. Also go ahead and login right now to make sure your username and password is on the up-and-up and nothing will prevent you from registering for events on Monday (waiting for a password reset from GenCon when everyone else is can take a day or so).

Now you can purchase up to 2 tickets per event (most events seat 7-8 people) in case you think someone else will want to go with you. If you don't think someone out of our group will want to go don't buy the second ticket as you'll be taking away a spot for someone else who wants to go (decreasing YOUR fun at the event, because it won't be a full party). There are also generic tickets you can buy that can be used for any event as long as it isn't filled up. That said, I will likely buy 2 tickets to a number of events, because I can always count on Delp to game. Generic tickets you can buy anytime between May 7th - July 9th so no need to stress about those. I'll probably wait to buy any until I know what everyone else is already going to and maybe we can pool some generic tickets for the group or something.

As for True Dungeon, I will be purchasing those tickets for everybody in the group, and you guys can pay me back. The price of each ticket is $35, so if anyone is going to bail out on GenCon and TrueDungeon, they should email me immediately. As for the other events, everyone is on their own.

So look through the html catalog this weekend and decide what games you'd enjoy playing while we're at GenCon. As soon as I have True Dungeon tickets (they go on sale around 4pm PDT Monday) I will send a mass email or post it here so you can plan register for events around it.