Wednesday, April 4, 2007

April Showers Bring May Flowers

So Cory got us a great apartment here (with our very own washer and dryer!) that is fairly close to the freeway. The view from the balcony:

It will look a lot different once the trees have leaves on them. But until then, I decided to spruce up the balcony. If these flowers get as big as they are supposed to, they should completely obstruct the freeway view (if you are looking at it from 5'2" vantage point).

From right to left: primroses, chrystanthemums...

...chrystanthemums, African lilies.

I told Cory that I was going to get these flowers and he thinks they won't survive in my care (due to the curse of the Smalley blackthumb). I'll keep you posted.
OK, so I also got a new digital camera this weekend (7.1 megapixels, baby!). So I no longer have an excuse to blog like our guest-blogger Cullen (not at all).