Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday

So, it's been a pretty long week. I've been putting the final touches on a fellowship application that will (hopefully) be paying my salary for the next couple of years and now it's pretty much finished. Just for reference, the application ended up being 30 pages, but the instructions were 139 pages. I'll send it out on Monday. To celebrate the end of the week, we headed over to Prince Puckler's after work for some ice cream.

This is a little indy ice cream shop that is well within walking distance of the lab.

From left to right: Jill, Ryan, Danielle, Kristy, and Anika. As we were sitting around eating our ice cream, the band showed up.

Musicians with instruments just came walking up the street; it was kind of bizarre. We were joking that we would have been really surprised it we had seen someone pushing a tympani up the street to joint the band. But is was just the four of them.

Then we spotted our boss who had just finished dinner at the burger joint across the street with his wife and one of his daughters. Andy is there in the blue and white stripped shirt acting as a jungle-gym for his 5-year old, Gillian. Gillian was really getting into the music.

On a new but related topic: I think that I may have a sixth sense for sensing when someone around is going to have a baby. I have only empirical evidence for this, but a few weeks ago, I had a very, very strong feeling that someone around was expecting (the feeling was so strong it was distracting; it was also after Cullen announced). So strong in fact that my friends Heather and Emily visited that weekend and I totally expected Heather to tell me that she and her husband were going to have a baby. But she didn't and I just figured that my radar was a off. Nonetheless, the very next week, Jill announced that she and her husband are expecting a baby in September. Of course I thought, ahh, that's who it was. Then, this week, Andy announced that he and his wife are also expecting a baby in the fall. So, I think that explains why the intuition was so strong...although potentially there could be others that I don't know about yet...So anyway, I have now four cases of this intuition. Is that enough to declare myself a clairvoyant?