Saturday, April 14, 2007

Karate Chop Sunday - Final Thailand Edition

Note, once the below flash image loads there will be some nintendo music playing. If you don't want sound surf away immediately and turn off your speakers before coming back.

First things first, lets start off with a Nintendo game box cover art challenge quiz. Sorry it has sound. I hate it when I log onto pages accidentally with music or bullshit playing, but in this case its unavoidable.

NES Quiz Challenge

See what kind of score you get. I wouldn't count yourself out just because you're a girl/Paul, you'd be surprised by what you remember thanks to osmosis from hanging out with cool kids like me during the olden days.

Second, the Songkran water festival is going on right now, and for the next five days, all the way through my remaining time here. The essence of the festival is to drive around in the back of pickup trucks with buckets of water mixed with plaster and throw them on people. Farang are worth triple points. Make sure you throw them on people on motorcycles and cause wrecks too, because there aren't enough of those everyday. The US embassy even warned me not to go on crowded street during this time for fear of motorcycle accidents/plaster splash in eyes. I've been writing up a sort of 'journal' of my last couple of days dealing with the festival and my discovery of it (I kinda just walked outside one day into bedlam). Maybe I'll post it tomorrow or something.

Yeah, those're picks from another American guy's blog in Thailand. I'm not willing to risk my camera out there. Its been a madhouse for the last three days. His webpage is cited there so you can check out his blog if you want here. He talks a lot about bargirls and katoeys, and how to identify one vs. the other, so Cullen may be particularly interested.

So I leave on a plane on Tuesday at 7:45pm to fly to Bangkok airport. My next flight (which I'll have to check back in for, since its a different ticket), leaves at 6:00am on Wednesday, so I am planning on just hanging out at the airport all night long until the next morning. Plus its the last day of Songkran so everybody will be flying back to their home towns. The Bangkok airport is crowded with sales-folks who are sure you, as a farang, want to buy wooden bead headdresses encrusted with fake gems and take taxicabs to every "massage parlor" in the city. You basically have to fend them off with constant mean-face and "mai chai, mai chai!". Its annoying.

I then arrive in Portland, OR at 8:00am on wednesday. So the time between take off and landing is only two hours! Except to me it will feel like 22 hours. Its like that Enders game book with hyperspace travel. Except in reverse, which makes it crappy instead of awesome. Oh well, it'll be worth it to see my kind and loving Mary again.