Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lord of the Bling

Festivus is upon us, and in honor of it I've watched all three Lord of the Rings movies this week. Mostly because a) December reminds me of LotR and b) Mary left early this week to hang out with her parents, and so I've been batch'n it this week. What does a young, attractive, highly intelligent, virile, hunk of a man with Bruce Lee abs do when his wife is out of town for a week? Paint Lord of the Rings miniatures while watching the Lord of the Rings movies, of course!

For Gondor!
I went out and bought myself the Mines of Moria boxed set for Xmas from my friendly local game store and got to painting some Fellowship and some Cave Trolls. For those (two) of you that paint miniatures, I have to mention how nice and properly proportioned these sculpts are, and how big-handed and comparatively ugly-looking the normal 'heroic' scale sculpts (Warhammer) are, even though they're produced by the same company. Here's some needless examples:

Warhammer Dwarves:
Lord of the Rings Dwarves:

WH goblins:

LotR Goblins:

WH Trolls:

Lotr Trolls:

I think I've made my point, whatever it was, pretty clear.

Merry Christmas everybody!