Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Circle 2007!!

Since some things have changed for the usual Christmas Circle invitees over the past year (Travis and Nicole had Olivia and moved across the state) and other invitees had other plans, an ad hoc Christmas Circle was called this past weekend. Cullen and Jodi hosted it up in the home of Leinenkugel's beer.

Others in attendance were Chad and Phil.

Of course, Cory and I were there, too.

Cory brought his "Last Night on Earth Boardgame" and we all played. Chad and Cory were the Zombies, and Cullen, Phil, Jodi, and I were the Heroes. Stevie the cat didn't play.

It came down to the last hour before dawn, but the heroes found four townsfolk and kept them safe until sunrise, so we won!

The climax of the night was Cullen keeping a promise to an old friend.