Saturday, December 15, 2007

8 Hours Work, 8 Hours Rest, 8 Hours Mass Effect

Holy crap! Full-time work goes on for a lot of the day. I told them that from my previous job I'm used to only working until 2pm and then going home, but I think they thought I was joking and still expect me to stay the full day. At least I get as many pipette bulbs that I want and a shiny new calculator that can calculate %RSD in the blink of an eye...for SCIENCE!

For anyone that's familiar with my habits, you'll know that I enjoy reading the books. One of my favorite authors is Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan and Solomon Kane. Conversely, one of my favorite stop-motion puppet characters from a holiday film is Yukon Cornelious, creator of bad puns and amazing adventures. There's a mash-up on The Cimmerian of how Robert E. Howard would write a story featuring Yukon. Its just a short synopsis from a clearly epic story, so won't take long to read if you've got the mighty thews to withstand the abominable hunger. Plus its got illustrations. Check it out if you want.

Finally, as I allude to in the title, I've been playing the space opera rpg Mass Effect on my 360 lately (thanks again for the 360 dudes!), which is a total blast. You're a space guy who flies around in a space ship piloted by Seth Green, and you gotta stop the race of space robot warriors known as the "Reapers" (Necrons) from harvesting the flesh and resources from all organic space-faring civilizations in the galaxy (all-American humans, blue psychic alien people, green reptile alien people, and so on). So basically you gotta unite the tribes to drive off the invaders, in a Star Trek-style alien races setting (KotoR-style). You can pick your class from multiple cool class names like "Infiltrator" or "Biotic," (read: "Rogue" or "Wizard") and shoot toxic polonium bullets out of your Blastek-811 Sniper Rifle. You can fly around the galaxy doing the main missions or just randomly go to star systems and blow the hell out of space pirates. If anyone is on the fence about getting a 360 this Xmas (or after Xmas when the prices go down), this game could very well push you over the edge. Commander Solomon "Fi-Tor" Shepard, 40th-level Shock Trooper Specialist with full ranks in 'Assault Rifles,' highly recommends it.