Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bluebells in Bloom

My CyberNinja and I took a road trip to the Smallville ranch last weekend. We delivered a gently used PC with flat screen monitor to the folks as an upgrade to their computer running Windows 98 with 28 Kb of RAM (yikes). We installed Skype and dazzled them with a test call (complete with video) to Beth in Montana. The future is here. Thanks, Cory!

After the Ninja set up the computer, we headed out for a hike at the New Haven Potholes.

The Potholes is an outdoor classroom covering 170 acres and containing examples of three basic habitat types: marsh, forest, and prairie. This is the south marsh.

These are plum blossoms.

But the highlight was the bluebells. There were literally millions in bloom in the forest.