Sunday, May 4, 2008

Twas a good day

Saturday was one of the jammin'est ever for me this week. Allow me to brag for a moment...

First, woke up at the crack of nine-thirty to play a few games of tactical combat Dawn of War over the interwebernets with ol' Brando. My Necrons weren't at their best against the tenacious Dark Angels, but they harvested some souls of the damned at least before being phased out back to their home dimension, and thats all you can really ask for when you're a metallic death robot from the future.

Then, yesterday was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (1st Saturday of May), and Dr. Girlfriend and I strolled on down to Westfield Comics and picked up a load of free Hellboy, Avengers, and other comics as well as the 3rd volume of the Conan Graphic Novels and a Warhammer Graphic Novel, Forge of War.

As I returned home waiting on the doorstep for me was my purchases from Noble Night Games, who are having a huge sale on rpg and miniature stuff (they extended it through Monday, for you gamers out there)! Included in my purchase are the critical hit and critical fumble decks (that I'll be giving them a go for Monday's game) from Gamemastery, as well as some cthulhoid novels, and some planetary flash-gordonesque adventure novels I had heard good things about from the Evil DM.
Finally, we loaded up our exoskeletons and went to see Ironman! I never was a huge Ironman comic fan, I tolerated his presence in the Avenger team, but I didn't really see the excitement one could get for a technologically advanced super suit vs. the powers of the Xmen or Spiderman. And Tony Stark was never as interesting a billionaire industrialist as Bruce Wayne, so Ironman always got a 'meh' from me. However, Robert Downey Jr. played an awesome Tony Stark, and even though every robot battle scene in the movie had already been shown in the trailers (all 1.5 minutes of it), RD Jr. carried the non-robot bashing 99% of the movie really well and I highly recommend it. Furthermore it had one of the better cameos of Stan Lee in it. Also, big fans of S.H.I.E.L.D. might want to stick around through the credits for a special guest appearance.

Geekery abounds.