Friday, November 30, 2007

We made it: A post by Mary

So last night it got down to 5 F in Mitchell, South Dakota, home of the Corn Palace. Well, that's pretty cold. Cold enough, in fact, to cause diesel fuel to gel:(
Cory got me up a little extra early (5:30 AM) so he could rush me out the door a little extra early this morning, but when we got to the car, it wouldn't start (instant karma?).

After an unsuccessful jumpstart by a very helpful woman from the nearby convenience store, we got the Super-Fantast-Ameri-Car-USA towed to a shop and let it warm up there. Mad props to the boys at Dale's A1 Transmission for their quick service. By now the air temp has warmed to a balmy 8 F. After an hour and a half, Cory discovered that the fuel filter contained a huge wad of gelled fuel; the mechanics ran across town to get a new fuel filter. Unfortunately, that didn't do the trick, either. Finally, they drained the fuel pump and reprimed it, and Viola! the Super-Scantast-Ameri-Car-USA started right up!! So it turns out that I could have gotten an extra 5 hours of sleep.

We left Mitchell at 11:30 AM and made. really. good. time. across Minnesota, arriving in Madison just after 7 PM. Nibbles is very happy to be on solid ground as are my plants and Cory and myself. We just gorged ourselves on a subpar Chinese buffet (in order to make. really. good. time., we didn't stop for lunch or dinner) and now are going to collapse into bed with dreams of exit signs and Wall Drug billboards...