Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dust H4xx0rz

For those of you who don't yet know, Dr. Girlfriend and I are moving to Wisconsin this week. It was sorta a surprise move we were offered, and we took it. I'll extrapolate on that in a later post. Important points are that we're moving to Middleton, WI (next to Madison) and we're leaving on Tuesday.

What's important now is that I show you what happens to your computer when you don't open the case for over a year. I like to cram as much old equipment into my computer as possible, and I don't like to waste old 14 GB hard drives or 3.5 floppy drives, so I'll prop them up in there as best I can, alloted space be damned. However, that means that when I move I have to remove all of the hard drives because there isn't the room or the shelving to have them "locked in" as the manufacturer recommends, or even "horizontal" for that matter, and if you move the desktop around all the hard drives and stuff bash into eachother. If you make the mistake of moving it around while they're spinning, well, its basically like crossing the streams.

So I opened up my computer to take out all my accessories before the packer dudes pack the computer, and I see a veritable sneeze factory has been established in my desktop.

Gross. Do yourselves a favor folks, open up your case and dust that sucker out.