Monday, November 12, 2007


Recently the hard drive in my laptop took a dump (headcrash! Oh noes!). Don't worry, everything of import was backed up. In any case, this lead to the purchase of a sweet new hard drive since haxxorz like us know about the new eggs, and due to the advances in the flash diodes and thermo-couplants the cheapest hard drive was 4x larger than the original Dell one.

What do you do with so much hard drive space? Why, you download DosBox and play extremely old DOS games, that's what!

So I've been playing some old-schoolers, and now I'm going to present to you some screenshots and see if you guys can name the games that I've been playing. Its like the NES Illustrator challenge, except its not NES, and its not drawn on Illustrator. I've beat two (again) and I'm working on a third. Let's see how many you can name:


Here's some shots from the first game I snatched up and defeated immediately before moving on.

Clue: This game was generally not well-received by the ravenous gamer public, as it was too unlike the previous edition, but I liked it the best out of any of its brother or sister games. You have to master the magic of the four elemental titans before beating the game, and each one was really unique.

2) This jewel of a game is a related game to the above game, sort of, but was more pulp adventurish. It took place in a dinosaur-ridden valley and you had to build flintlock rifles out of bamboo and gunpowder. The box came with a sweet fold-out map of the valley.

Clue: You had to unite the tribes before the end to fight the insect people. You could only kill Tyrannosaurus Rexes by dropping boulders on their heads, and you could get a talking golden Aztec robot to join you.

3) Here's the one I'm working on beating now. I couldn't get the old disk to run on XP, so I have to use a ripped version I stole off the interwebernets that's specially made for DosBox.

Clue: This game was STATE OF THE ART in 1995, and it was considered the best of the best back then. Its an "Eye of the Beholder"-ish dungeon crawl with people in costumes as the NPCs, but it was full-screen and wasn't all cluttered with inventory boxes like the Ultima Underworlds. Also has great voice work (though I can't seem to get those to work right now). Its good stuff.

This game has an intro movie that made me pee my pants with excitement when I saw it as a kid, but looking at it now it looks like a bad renaissance faire commercial. Huzzah! Here's the movie, it has the title at the end (though its really dark) so be on the honor system as for guessing.