Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Scanniversary!

As some of you may recall, Cyberninjet and I got married on labor day weekend a couple hundred years ago, and we decided then that our Scanniversary would always be on the lovely calendar-jumping Labor day weekend (for the WHOLE weekend), and not whatever specific date it was we actually got hitched by the most honorable Jedi Master Delp. Mostly she agreed to this because it would ensure I would remember the date. Like most men I'm okay with normal math, but terrible with girl math.

On Saturday morning we went downtown and checked-out the Saturday Market here in Eugene, which is also known in some circles (my circle) as "Weekly hippie-fest 3000," complete with crusty jugglers and organic dog biscuits. Nevertheless, the fruits and veggies were Scanlicious, and the difference between organic/local beef and store-bought beef really must be experienced to be believed. We bought some flat-top steaks (only because I'd never heard of flat-top steak before), and it was fantastic. For some reason the store-bought beef around here always gives us both stomach pains shortly after eating it, which is disconcerting to say the least (so we stopped eating it). Fortunately, the organo-hippie local beef from the market really is better and non-gastrointestinally destroying (though we still fondly remember mid-west beef as being the best-tasting beef ever). We also got Mary some organic locally-grown gluten-free flowers.

Then we sat down and watched the entire second season of Weeds that Mary got off of Netflix, a fairly strange show that I'm not sure how we got into but its pretty funny. I mostly watch it for Kevin Nealon. Today (Sunday) we went for a long bike ride around town and checked out camp stoves and sleeping mats at the local overpriced survivalist supply store (G.I. Joe's), and now we're going to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy until we fall asleep.

Tomorrow we plan on having a picnic at the nearby park and drinking wine outdoors like a couple of hobos in love, which will be totally rad to the max.