Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What are you?

...I'm Batman.
So I picked up the new game Batman: Arkham Asylum this weekend on the recommendation of my good buddy Paul, and its incredible quality has consumed all of my free time since. This new Batman game is the everlovin' bees knees.

Take the best forensic science investigation parts of Condemned: Criminal Origins, the dark atmosphere and open Central Park-sandbox of the latest (otherwise 'meh'-quality) Alone in the Dark, add a sweet brawler combat system, and you've got Rocksteady's latest release, Batman: Arkham Asylum.
I assumed they would put in a quality combat system, and even a stealth-kill mechanic that's fun to use, but what I didn't expect was the cool 'detective mode' system where you can look around a room as Batman would, to pick out fingerprints and chemical vapors and other forensic evidence. It really adds the detective element to the game.

Without giving anything away, the premise of the game is that Joker has set up a super-trap for good ol' Bats, by luring him to Arkham island which he has secretly taken over, and letting all the crazies loose. The plot is an oldie but a goodie, and silently gliding around the island quietly choking-out assault rifle-armed joker thugs from behind just doesn't ever get old.

The voices are all done by the folks from the animated series, so yes we have Mark Hammil as the Joker, which is the most important voice of all because he's constantly mocking you over the loudspeakers. If any of you Jokers are on the fence about picking this game up, or haven't even heard its out, then I heartily recommend grabbing it. Its a Bat-smashing good time.