Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Big Gorecki Wedding!!

So, this weekend was the BIG Greek Wedding of our friends Paul and Cathy. First on the agenda was to pick up the tux.

I think the black tux with the harvest orange vest looked very nice, but required the D20 socks and Green Lantern cuff links to really pull the ensemble together.

Thanks to Paul and Cathy for the awesome cuff links. They are very cool.

Next up was the rehearsal. Since this wedding was in Cathy's Greek Orthodox church, there were a lot of parts of the ceremony that we had never seen before, so the rehearsal was necessary. Afterward, Paul's parents hosted the rehearsal dinner.

The groom and me

Cory, Chad, Noah, Hillary, and Devin

The groom's sister, Jill and her husband Nick

Nice robot sweatervest!

After dinner, we all got a quick lesson in the Greek 12-step so we were prepared for the reception.

I put together a little video of highlights from the wedding and reception. The quality isn't great, but it will give you an idea of the Greek 12-step (my name for it since I don't know the actual name).

My dates, Brandon and Devin (since Cory was at the head table)

Cory and Sophia

The best man and maid of honor

The Koumbaro and Paul's godmother

Paul and Cathy are both so wonderful, warm, and fun. Wishes for a lifetime of happiness!