Monday, August 24, 2009


Built some deciduous trees terrain this week for my lord of the rings miniature game I never play. Now the Rohirrim can ride through Fangorn on their hunt for orc.

The tree groups are built upon some carved foam, and covered with some grass matting. Then I hot glued some stumps down, and glued some sand and rocks down. Once dry I painted them with scorched brown, and then drybrushed them with snakebite leather and skull white. Then glued down some grass flock to cover any unsightly seems, and then clumps of foliage as bushes. They turned out pretty good. Here's some pics of the trees themselves before I figured out to turn off the flash under macro mode.

A goblin hides in the trees for scale.

Of course, no goblin is going to be able to skulk around the Riddermark without the Riders of Rohan (led by Gandalf, of course) venturing forth to purge their lands of such evil!