Monday, August 11, 2008

GenCon preemptive strike!

That's right folks, its GenCon season again! The original seven of us had a blast last year, and this year the remaining five of us diehards are going to kick ass like Throthgar the Barbarian with one of the Githyanki's Vorpal Silver Astral Blades. What? That's right mofos. I'll make references like that all freaking week and the people around me will actually get it.

Now normally you may look at the Cyberninja and say "What? My host with the most DJ Ninja-tron is the hippest cat I know! No way does he roll the D20s and makes the Saves Vs. Paralysis!." But you'd be wrong. I'm like some sort of hyper-evolved chameleon nerd, come back in time from the enlightened year 2525. I may look all Fonzi and cool during most of the year, but when I go to GenCon I fit in like a Modron in Mechanicus. Like an Ewok on Endor. Like a Space Hamster in Spelljammer.

Give it up for GenCon Two-Thousand and Freaking Eight!

I think I need a little MC Front to survive the wait...