Friday, July 25, 2008

Monday night D&D - Podcasting!

So I made the mistake of recording last week's D&D session, and now I'm honor-bound to post it on my blog. So check it out, suckers.

Part 1 - Goblins!

Part 2 - Bugbears! (on permanent hiatus)
Note that I'm using a temporary free hosting service, and the link will probably go down within a month or so. So if you want to listen to them I'd suggest downloading them now, as I'm not sure if I'll spring for actual real webspace to store stuff in the interwebernets.

Podcasting Vets: Whenever I use Audacity to record/edit audio, the audio is quiet through the computer speakers (PC or laptop), but is plenty loud if you use headphones. I can amplify the sound with Audacity but then its super loud in headphones. Anybody with podcasting XP know why this is and how to rectify that?