Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wizard's Quest II: This Time its Personal

Paul and his lady came up for my birthday weekend, and we went up to the Dells to once again enter the land of mystery and mayhem: Wizard's Quest!

You may recall that the last time Dr. Girlfriend and I went to the Quadrosphere we did not locate the Earth Wizard, the only wizard to escape our searchings.

Did we find Paradisio, the Magestic Earth Wizard, this time you ask?

Do magic space swords glow with unfathomable power?

Hell yes they do, and hell yes we did. I should also mention that Paul and Cathy found and freed all four Wizards on their own, with no help from Team Cyberninja (we wouldn't have helped even if they'd asked -- you gotta earn it on your own, that hows' we roll in the Technodojo).

Damn crafty wizard seekers. They were known as, of course, Team Paladin.

After getting some grub, we went to an ultra-crappy haunted mansion that I really wanted to check out while we were in the Dells. It was terrible, which is fine by me.

All in all, great Birthday weekend!

I also returned Turok (after beating it) for full retail value (Gamestop's got 30 days no-questions-asked full refund return policy for VIP members, of which I am very P) and picked up Spiderman 3 for 360 to do some web-slingin' and The Witcher for PC. For those of you who have played The Witcher, I highly recommend this video review.

Keep it realsies, ya'll.