Sunday, March 23, 2008

Champaign Supernova

Took a trip this Easter weekend, down to the land of U of I @ U-C, and toured the ol' graduate school home-town.

First, we met up with Muncher, Randa-Kay, and Nebraska, and the proper ceremonies and exchange of wizardly gifts was performed.

We watched many a movie, including the Tom Hanks documentary classic: Mazes and Monsters.
Every session of Mazes and Monsters requires over $75 in scented candles and incense.
Also: Stupidity.

This is a movie from 1982 where the primary moral was "Don't play DnD, or you'll stab people in the streets of NY and try to jump off a building."

Look out, its a Gorevil!

Then we engaged in traditional Easter festivities, including egg decorating...

...and playing zombocalypsian boardgames.

It was a good time. I also ended up picking up the Dungeons and Dragon's animated series and learning that all Dwarves and Gnomes in "The Realm" are slaves working for Vengir's military-industrial complex.
Every other episode requires that the kids free another village of 100 dwarves from Vengir's diamond/iron/weaponsmithing mines. It's pretty sad, really. I can't believe these dwarves don't have enough pride to fight back, or at least not work to further Vengir's bloodthirsty goals. Glimi son of Gloin would be pissed, for sure.

Center: Brando's favorite Halloween costume.

We also got a chance to eat some lunch on Saturday with Nathan and Amy, and check out Amy's new laser eyeballs.
All in all, a good weekend. Throughout this week Mary has given me a gift-a-day for my birthday week. Here's the swag I've gotten so far:

- Star Wars IV: A New Hope
- Beyond Civilization
- The Art of the Cthulhu Mythos
- Coleman Two-Burner folding stove
- Turok, Dinosaur Hunter for 360

I beat Turok today. Mutated Velociraptors don't stand a chance when the cyberninjaz come a'callin.