Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby Booty

Our friends JiveTurkey9000 and Tom Joad are expecting a baby at the end of April, so the Cyberninja and I ventured norte to the home of Leinenkugel's beer for the baby shower and some non-baby-shower-related guy time. Brando and KimboSlice also made the trip up for the festivities.

Jodi's mom's lady friends from the church choir threw her a great shower complete with delicious blueberry egg bake, croissants, and games. I actually won a prize in the game where you have to avoid uttering the word "baby". No problem, people. Jodi's not really the attention-seeking type so sitting there while everyone watched her open the gifts was pretty grueling. I have to say that the kid got some great swag, so it was probably worth it (though she might not agree with me).

From left to right: Jodi's mom Pam, Jodi, baby swag.Jodi's please-get-me-out-of-here face.

Jodi opening gifts......and Jodi with her friend Jody from volleyball and Jody's daughter Lola. Lola served as a mini focus group for the toys for Baby Bright. All toys tested off the charts.

While we were baby showering, the boys went shooting and, of course, the 'ninja came home with a hankering for a new weapon.

That evening we went out to an Italian place.

Our waitress, Mint, was very confused, but the food and company were excellent.

Thanks for a great weekend!