Friday, March 7, 2008

Nibbles takes on the Tomb of Horrors, Part 1

In honor of my recently deceased familiar Nibbles and the greatest of Dungeonmasters both in one week, I decided to start my adventure last night into the most dangerous of Gygaxian deathtrap dungeons, the Tomb of Horrors, and bring along my ranger/rogue from the main NWN2 campaign who's animal companion is Nibbles' virtual alter ego.

That's us, in the camp above the dungeon. The little dwarves in the background are the stupid NPC hirelings I had to hire into my party after my first horrible death in the dungeon.

Mostly they just stood around and let me constantly walk around really slow and search for traps. You think that chest in the wall is trapped? Well, my trap sense isn't tingling, so it must not be, right? Hey, there's a lever inside! Cool! So I pulled it. And got pit-trapped into a zombie-warrior infested crypt I had to fight my way out of.

Initially I just bashed on some zombie warriors no problem (Ranger Favored Enemy: Undead x 2!), and searched around for a way out, but the tomb's guardians got much more dangerous...

Hmmm, I wonder what happens if I check out this crypt...hey, there's a lever here!

...and how does gettin' teleported (sans all my equipment) into a 10' x 10' room filled with confusion gas...and two Ta'anari? (that's "big mean deamons" in English) Great!

A reload and a completely separate path of corridors later...

Hmmm, that doorway looks inviting, maybe I'll go through it (after dismantling three DC 30 traps and fighting off five mummy lords)...

Nibbles smelled something in the Hallway of Many Colors so I was on my guard. Carefully checking for traps I quietly opened one of the colored doors in the long hallway...

...and was promptly level-drained, confusion-blasted, constitution-drained, strength-drained, dexterity-drained, feebleminded, baned, slowed, and good old hold person'd. Then 12 succubi and a Tan'ari teleported in and proceeded to destroy my entire party. Nibbles, god bless 'em, lasted the longest.

Good times!

Now that's the D&D of old. Devin's going to join me for Part 2, where I don't try to open the orange door.

Anyone who already owns NWN2 is welcome to join us take on the Tomb of Horrors (even Jared, who otherwise wouldn't be invited to play D&D with us because of our severe prejudice against Panther tatoos).