Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rollin' d20s 4 life!


This is for those going to GenCon with me. Here we go boys and girls, refresher courses:

True Dungeon (8:00pm on Thursday Aug 16)

True Dungeon main page

Event Locations

Because you can't trust professional gamers (or many regular gamers) to actually edit or proofread their own work, all the event ticket locations you got in the mail have the wrong location on them. To get the real locations, log in here and then click "view purchased event tickets" at the bottom after you've logged in, that'll give you the updated list of where your events are. Print out that page so you have it.

What to Bring

Dorks have been listing things to bring to GenCon on their blogs for years, so why should I be different? Only, I'll just link to other people's lists. Also, check your email often this week as I'll be sending you each a "what to bring/do for the group" list and other important info.