Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Hatcher Hijack!

Nate the Postdoc and Amy the Librarian came to Oregon last weekend, and we all hung out like Champions.
First things first, we took them on a hike up Spencer's Mountain just southeast of Eugene. I came fully prepared to guide them past the dangers that lurk in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.
Once we got to the top, we sat down, drank energy drinks, and enjoyed the view. We saw a number of really large red-tailed hawks circling around the tops of the trees, and we were above a number of them.

They stayed overnight and the next morning Mary, Nathan, Amy and I drove to the beach. I proceeded to whip each in turn with giant algae whips.

Finally, on Monday night we all hung out up in Portland as Amy had a Librarian's Convention there she was speaking at and she needed to justify UIUC paying for their trip to Oregon (visiting me and Mary, as quality of a reason as that is, isn't one of the boxes you can check when you fill out the reimbursement form). So Mary and I drove up to Portland and stayed with them in their deluxo hotel suite, and we went out for Thai food and after-dinner wine in downtown Portland. It was excellent (but alas, I forgot the camera).

Let that be a lesson to all. Any of you nutjobs can expect when you come to Oregon to visit me and Mary, that you'll get the full goddamn tour, even if it requires me to force you to hike up a mountain and whip you with sealife, or my name isn't Cyberninja20XX!