Monday, July 9, 2007

Hacked by the morally repugnant

So my latest blogpost got hacked this morning sometime after 8am. I decided to check my blog this morning around 9:30am (after posting a comment at 8am) and found that the picture I had linked to in the post of a flash gordon-esque sci-fi setting (Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars) had been changed to a horrendous and sanity-damning porn picture that can only be found within the deep and dismal cesspool that the internet has become.

I quickly logged in and deleted the thing this morning, and after I got home from work I have checked through my old posts for any other changed pictures that any morally challenged adolescents decided to change.

I post this blog to be totally work-safe, so please don't think that that picture was put up by me if you saw it. If you did see it (I hope I caught it before anyone had to view that awful thing) then I am sorry, and I am taking measures to prevent that kind of hacking in the future. I suggest those of you with blogspot blogs do the same.

I reported it to blogspot with all the relevant information (link address, etc), so hopefully blogspot will be on their toes, and I am only going to put up images I first download and upload from my (router-and-firewall-protected) computer. I don't entirely know how they were able to replace my linked pic with one of their own, because the original pic is still there at the same address, but it definitely only happened with pics I linked-to rather than uploaded (such as the map). Its probably better I upload them from my own computer site anyway because stealing bandwidth from the original sites of those pictures just so people can see the pictures on my blog is probably a jerk thing to do anyway (I didn't realize this was the case before I looked into it today).

Now they may have just been too lazy to replace my actual uploaded pics, and could still do it, but I'm hoping that extra work will keep the script kiddies out of there. If not then, well, I can live without blogging. I canceled my Xbox Live subscription because of the deficient gene pool that haunts that realm, and I'm willing to do the same with my blog if I have to be concerned with being associated with such genetic refuse here too. Or I could make it non-public and just for the scantabulous-approved.