Sunday, January 14, 2007

I give up -- I'm a blogger

That is freaking it!

The webserver I've been using, b2evolution, has become so chock full of patches to patches to patches that it has become completely unusable to run the technodojo. I can't even upload my own pictures on there anymore, and upgrading thier software is like jamming a crescent wrench up my anus. And I get to pay $10 a month for that? If I can't upload my own pics, and people can't comment on my posts, and my page is constantly immersed in spam that regular free blogs can screen, then b2evolution has less functionality than a simple free blog on blogspot! That's ri-god-damn-diculous. So I'm taking a cue from my buddies Brando, Paul, Travis, Eric, and Mike, and just going with the nice, free blogspot to make my frickin' posts.

I used to pride myself on having a for-reals website and ftp location and everything. Now all that just pisses me off.

Welcome to the new (easy to use) Technodojo!