Monday, January 22, 2007

Bears and Beavers

So since I've moved out to Oregon, I've met a few folks around here. One topic of discussion that is bound to come up when you are talking to guys you've never met before around this time of year is football. Its an easy ice-breaker. Well, most folks around here are either Seahawks fans (obviously) or, get this, Packers fans. When I was asked by a couple of guys who I was rooting for I froze for a second and then spurted out..."The Bears!"

So thanks to the influence of Tim and Muncher, two avid Bears fans, I have officially chosen my favorite football team, the Bears. I've never been into sports at all before, and in fact felt disdain for anyone who wanted to discuss sports, but recently I've started to enjoy watching football. So when it came time to announce my allegience I decided to stick with my buddies out east and represent for the Bears on the west coast. It doesn't hurt that the two games I've seen the Bears play since have been excellent. The fact that they are playing in the Superbowl means I will have to find some way of watching it while I'm in Bangkok.

Mary and I saw a huge beast prowling around our apartment building as we came home late one night. We didn't get a good look, but we could tell it was much larger than any urban critter we were used to, so we were perplexed. Then, the other day we saw it (or one like it) again during the afternoon, and I fortunately had my digital camera with me.

I quickly fell upon the knowledge gleamed from my wilderness survival merit badge and identified the giant creature a huge goddamn beaver. I did not know that beavers got so big. The thing has got to be 3 feet long and about 1.5 feet high! I'm not exaggerating about the size. And since we live next to a large creek, there are probably hundreds of them out there, just waiting to chew our apartment into a pile of so much kindling.