Monday, June 11, 2007

Topical, at best

Everyday Reader: "So Cyberninja, why are all your posts about Dungeons and Dragons and other pointless bullcrap? Where's the exponential growth curve rants and complaints about scientific budget cuts?"

Well, Everyday Reader, I'm applying for government jobs. And when applying for government jobs one has to be careful about what one posts on the interwebs, due to the interweb search ninjas that will get the wrong impression. Where I live now is the anarchist and eco-terrorist capital of the world, so us DnD T-shirt-wearing Independents have to be extra careful not to be dumped into the 'young activist' stereotype just because we fuel our car with Biodiesel, even though it should be obvious we're far too busy painting Skaven miniatures and arguing about how to count diagonal movement on a grid to worry about illegal ocean dumpage. So for a while at least, you can expect the Technodojo to focus on its gamer/non-philosophical side for a while.

That said, here's a screenshot from one of my favorite pre-1999 series of PC game. Can you name this specific game? And for extra points: before entering the swamp, what did you have to do to survive the swim and not get eaten by the swamp-monster?

Also, I think its worth everyone's time to watch this 67-year old grandma play Resistance:Fall of Man...