Thursday, June 14, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

I don't know if you are all in on what's crapinin', but Die Hard 4 comes out soon, starring not only the unbreakable Bruce Willis, but also Tim Olyphant from Deadwood. I love Die Hard, as its like the show '24,' except turned up to 11, and then it explodes. I was recently invited to an upcoming Die Hard 1-3 marathon party, which I will attend, but I wanted to post this music video as a refresher cliff-notes course for those not willing to dedicate the time and commitment of watching Nakatomi Plaza get blown up again, or the icicle eye-stab kill, but who still want to prepare themselves for the awesome that will be Live Free or Die Hard.

Macintosh Guy: "You just destroyed that helicopter with your car!"

McClane: "I was out of bullets."