Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sisters Abroad!

Since Cory spent his vacation days attending GenCon, I had to come up with something even better to spend my vacation days doing. To Europe!!

The smallest Smalley and I flew into Frankfurt, Germany and were whisked away to Heidelberg by her most hospitable friend from the Smalley hometown. We ventured out to the country side via train to Bad Dirkheim to enjoy the fall wine festival.

These folks are serious about their wine as they sell it in pint glasses.

To France!!

The Palace of Versailles is amazing and was my favorite part of the trip. As you can see, I was not able to capture all of its vastness in one photo. As its height, 22,000 people lived at Versailles.

There is lots to see of Versailles in addition to the castle including the Hameau de la reine (hamlet complete with mill and livestock).

To Paris!!

The Cathedral of Notre Dame...

San Chapelle...

And everyone altogether: The Eiffel Tower


Arc de Triomphe:

That was a long day.

Back in Heidelberg, we finished up at the Castle.

Assorted notes: I ate chocolate croissants every day. There is no where to go to the bathroom. The portions at restaurants were just the right size. Beth's friends that we stayed with amazing hosts and I am very grateful! (And thanks to Beth for a lot of great pictures!)