Friday, September 12, 2008

Monday Night Football

So Lando got ahold of another pair of tickets to the Forbidden City, and I snatched them up faster than a Jawa at a hydrospanner bargain-bin giveaway.

We participated in the tailgating. Even the official tailgating, where you pay $5 to get in and there are no tailgates, but there is a band playing Neil Young and George Thorogood.

As you might know, the game was supposed to be the one where they retired the good ol' #4 jersey. Well, there was no mention of Favre on Tundra Vision, but the fans had plenty to say about the whole thing.
Rodgers did a great job, though he was presented with an unprecedented number of penalties throughout the game to deal with. The fans around me were quite unhappy with the refs during the game, but the Pack took the ball into the endzone regardless.

Emmet Smith was there and sitting right in front of us. I heard from a reliable source that he's a huge jerk though.

First game of the season! Atari Bigby once again showed us why he's awesome. Go Pack Go!