Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Update from Hoth

Got out of work early today! Evidentally they had to let us go home early because even Imperial Probe Droids couldn't find a Rebel Base in this blizzard. These are pictures from our trip home at 1pm today (blizzard started ~7:30am).

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads!

That reminds me that we got some sweet cross-country skis last week, and last weekend we went cross-country skiing around Middleton. There's so much perpetual snow here that you can pretty much ski anywhere. Here's pictures of us near our apartment, crossing a big open industrial park between blizzards.

Currently there's a huge blizzard outside and if they don't shutdown COMPANY tomorrow (unlikely) we may have to ski there rather than try to drive in this stuff (we live close enough its doable). Maybe I shouldn't have laughed at the snowshoe display in the sporting goods store we went to last week. Getting home today was an exercise in e-brake turns and rolling through top-of-the-hill stop signs (first paycheck went to new snow tires fortunately). But now that a couple more hours of blizzard have accumulated I don't think that the Fantastisuper Americar USA could even get out of the Apartment complex parking lot!

Don't worry Tim, I got her back home and she's in our underground parking space now.