Monday, January 21, 2008

Intergalactic Planetary

Working full-time doesn't give you nearly as much time to goof around and write blogposts. With the writer's strike TV hasn't been worth a crap and the perpetual Wisconsin snow prevents any outdoor activities from taking place during the week. So here's my synopsis of shows I've been watching while painting Lord of the Rings miniatures:

The Sarah Connor Chronicles
- so far its a 'meh.' Its got River from Firefly, which is why I'm still giving it a chance, but its a little loose with the temporal paradox thing. I'm willing to overlook temporal paradoxes for big, important stuff, but when they start jumping in little 10-year leaps (just so the show can be based in 2007 instead of 1997), with full-on resistance cells jumping back in time to help the Connor team, it starts to get a little ridiculous. I'm still entertained for now though, and the John Connor kid does an alright job of acting like a perpetually unhappy Edward Furlong.

Prison Break - Season 1 of this show was phenomenal. Season 2 was pretty darn good. Season 3 has nauseum. I don't know how many prisons they need to escape from or how many attempts at each escape need to be performed but this Panama prison break has gone on long enough. The 'prison break' tbeme has gotten so ridiculous they'll probably put him in a maximum security prison on the moon in Season 4...and I'll probably watch it.

Daily Show and Colbert Report - Wow. Not worth a crap since the strike. Get your writers back or go on hiatus guys. Its like watching bad high school improv up there.

Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood - Yeah, with the strike its inevitable a reality show would have to make the list. While reality TV is generally piss-poor, when its Snoop complaining about all the dishes he has to do something about that is really funny. Not that great, but here on Scantabulous we can't get enough Snoop so we watch it.

I've also constructed a kick-ass computer rig (with some advice on parts from my buddy Kevin) that, once I get a legit copy of XP Pro, will soon go fully online and replace my 2003 computer. For now its just an extremely expensive video game console that I can play Dark Messiah of Might and Magic on.

Neverwinter Nights 2, here I come!